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The legal team of Filteau and Sullivan focuses on labor and employment law cases in which employees have not been paid appropriately for the hours they’ve worked. Call (713) 236-1400 for a free consultation.

If you believe that you have not received your rightful compensation, please contact us today.

Under Federal law, there is a minimum wage which workers must be paid and employers are required to maintain records of the time you worked. By law, employers are required to pay at least this wage if their workplace meets the guidelines set forth under law.

Not every type of worker is covered and there are many different regulations which may be relevant when it comes to cases involving wages and hour law.

The attorneys of Filteau and Sullivan are prepared to offer you the experienced guidance and knowledgeable legal assistance you need in order to prosecute a wage and hour claim.

The longer you wait to pursue a claim, the greater the chances are that some or all of your claims will be time-barred by the statute, so you should act promptly.

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