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When you work hard, you deserve to receive your rightful compensation, especially if you have exceeded the standard amount of hours in your work week. Call (713) 236-1400 for a free consultation with one of our Houston Overtime Claims and Unpaid Wages Attorneys.

Unpaid Wages Lawyers in Houston, TX

Any overtime worked must be duly compensated under law. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Texas state law, you are legally entitled to overtime wages.

If your employer fails to remit payment on time and in the full amount, the attorneys of Filteau and Sullivan can assist you.

We represent clients who have unpaid overtime wages that are still outstanding. We also represent clients who have been wrongly classified as independent contractors so their employer could evade the requirement of paying for overtime.

There is no need to file a charge with the EEOC or Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division for unpaid overtime wages.

If your employer has become delinquent in the payment of your regular or overtime wages, you are provided with statutory protection under Texas law.

You are also protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act which is the federal statute for enforcing hour and wage claims.

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