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Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys help individuals and small to medium-sized businesses who are facing certain business contract issues, allegations of deceptive trade practices, or any other legal issues that typically arise in the increasingly complex business environment. Call us at (713) 236-1400 for a free consultation.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Houston

Whether you are suing to collect a debt or being sued because someone believes you owe them money, hiring a lawyer can be the most important decision you make, whether you’re an individual or a company with fifty employees.

Typically, the larger the law firm, the higher the fees. Oftentimes, lawyer fees result from over staffing a case, which can be good business for a law firm but bad business for the client.

We have helped many business owners successfully navigate the courthouse with affordable and innovative fee structures designed to put your mind at ease.

Business owners need predictable legal fees and that’s what we provide in addition to strategic excellence.

We represent entrepreneurs, business owners and companies of all sizes in disputes involving tortious interference with contracts, misrepresentation, business disparagement, and other commercial issues.

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Our lawyers can help you navigate any business / commercial litigation matter that you are facing. Call us today for a no cost consultation and we can help you decide the best way to move forward.