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Understanding the Texas Payday Law

If you are having trouble getting your employer to pay the wages that are owed, thenĀ  you can use the Texas Payday Law to get your wages paid faster. The Law Offices of Filteau & Sullivan focus on employment law in Houston, Texas. Free consultation (713) 236-1400. Video Summary: The Texas Payday Law was passed […]

How to File a Complaint Against Your Employer

What does it really mean to file a complaint of discrimination or unfair treatment against your employer? How does the legal process begin? We wanted to address that in this quick video… For a free consultation with a Houston Employment Attorney call (713) 236-1400. Video Summary: Hi, I’m John Sullivan from the Law Office of […]

Filing A Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit…

Many people who feel that they have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against at work, or harassed by their employer may not know exactly how to start the legal process. It’s not as easy as just filing a lawsuit, and the employment lawyers at Filteau & Sullivan wanted to address that in this video. Video Summary: […]